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Message from H.H Ngom Karma
H.H Ngom Karma


It was six years ago when we, with pure motivation, initially started the construction of the NEYDO monastery for the preservation of the NEYDO tradition, which is a union of Mahamundra and great perfection. it was due to the incredible financial and moral support that we received from many of the friends and supporters of the NEYDO Tradition that we have now successfully completed the whole monastery, which was attended by over one hundred monks from different monastic institution in India and Nepal and over a thousand lay people from different parts of the world, who showered words of utmost praises and accolades upon our institution for the success of the ceremony. I would like to express my great gratitude to all the supporters and friends, who also made the inaugural ceremony a huge success.

In order to preserve the unique NEYDO tradition for our further generations, we teach various ritual offerings, prayers, and so forth to over two hundred monks at the monastery. Furthermore, we have been giving courses on Tibetan poetry and composition, Buddhist philosophy, and ethics at the monastery for over a year. I m proud to announce  that we have made quite an accomplishment so far in terms of monastic education and training that are crucial for the preservation of  the NEYDO tradition. Again these successes are due to the kind generosity of the friends and supporters who have given so much thus far.

Moreover, the monks do longevity prayers, Tara prayers, etc. every morning; in the evening, they propitiation rituals, Sitapatra-Paragita prayers, hearts sutra recitation , and dedication prayers. On some special days , such as on the 10th day of each Tibetan lunar calendar, the monks always do the tsok puja ; amitabha prayers on the 15th; Gyalwa  Gyamtso’s (red Avaloketeshvara) prayer on the 25th and 30th; and Gonpo Ngodrup Kunjung (Mahakala) prayer on the 29th. It is my sincere wish to have a grand sadhana ritual every year at the monastery in Pharping area where the great Padmasambhava realized the monastery and the well-being of the Neydo community.

If you have any donation for the Monastery donates in the Neydo Foundation Account.

With prayers,


The President of the Neydo Monastery,

H.H. The 7th Chagme Rinpoche, Karma Tenzin Trinley Kunchab Pal Zangpo