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Projects of H.E. Neydo Sangtrul Rinpoche in Orissa, India:

1. Guru Rinpoche's 60ft high statue:
Guru Rinpoche's

Lord Buddha Prophesied about Guru Rinpoche when He was about to pass away:
"After my passing away, When one hundred and twelve years have passed,
In the Island of Lake Danakosha, A person greater than me will come".
Lord Buddha also Prophesied: That Guru Rinpoche is inseperable from Him and accepted to be His own manifestation. The Great Padmasambhava is also the embodiment of all the Buddhas of the Three Times. Guru Rinpoche is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha of our time. He personifies the heart of Vajrayana Buddhism and He is therefore known as the 2nd Buddha.
The Great Padmasambhava Himself accepted that in these dengenerate times,
His Compassion is swifter than all the Buddhas.
He also proclaimed that:
"One who sees me sees all the Buddhas,
One who achieves my state achieves the state of all the Buddhas,
I am the condensed essence of all the Buddhas".
In order to reciprocate Guru Rinpoche's kindness and pacify the adversities of these dengenerate times-warfare, destruction from the five elements and etc. and especially to achieve freedom for all from the suffering of Samsara, we are constructing a very large statue of Guru Rinpoche. Therefore we would like to request to all those who have faith in Guru Rinpoche and His kindness to contribute in this great field of Merit.

2. Construction of the 8 types of Stupas:
The 8 types of stupas represents the 8 great deeds of the Buddha Shakyamuni.
They are 1. Birth, 2. Enlightenment. 3. Turning of the Dharma Wheel. 4. Miracles.
5. Descent from Tushita heaven. 6. Reconciliation of the Sangha. 7. Victory. 8. Parinirvana.
The shape of the stupa represents Buddha, crowned and sitting in a meditation posture on a lion throne. The stupa also represents the 5 elements and their relationship to the Enlightened mind.
Great care must be taken during the building of a stupa from very specific measurements to the handling of the items that goes inside the stupa. The form of the stupa is vast and complex subject.

H.E. Sangtrul Rinpoche's thought:
Construction of the objects of worship like Statues and Stupas is one of the most powerful way to accumulate merit.
Whenever there is an opportunity to participate in a Stupa Project or any kind of project which is for the benefit of all the sentient beings either as a volunteer or to make donations is considered an opportunity by Buddhist to dedicate that merit to the liberation and salvation of all the sentient beings.
The existence of the Buddha's teachings depends on the existence of the holy objects of Buddha. Those sentient beings who do not have the fortune to meet the Buddha need the holy objects of body speech and mind as the field in which to accumulate merit. With these holy objects they create the cause of success and happiness. Because these holy objects exists and people make offerings to them pray to them. And it brings happiness and peace in their mind. The temporary and ultimate happiness of yourself and other depends on the existence of the holy objects. So, there is a purpose in making them.
The most powerful merit one can accumulate easily is in relation to holy objects of Buddha, like making Statues and making offerings to the Statues of Buddha. One can accumulate infinite merit that immediately becomes a cause of enlightenment.
The benefits of taking part in these projects are:
1. Our negative Karma will be lighten if they are heavy.
2. We are always protected by the Buddhas.
3. Take rebirth in the three higher realm.
4. Will swiftly attain complete Nirvana.
5. One will have long life.
6. Body and mind will be free from sickness.
7. One will attain permanent happiness and will be wealthy.
8. One will liberate simply by seeing their structure.
I have mentioned very few benefits and normally the benefit of it cannot be express in words and cannot be count.

3. Construction of the monks hostels in Neydo Orgyen Thekchokling Monastery, Orissa, India.
The newly hostel for the monks are under construction and the ground floor has been almost done with the help of the devotees, and the hard work of the local people who are taking care of this new hostel building.
Once the monk hostel is done then we will start keeping the monks and will give them all the necessary things in their upbringing in becoming a good monk and most important to be a good human being who always think of others before self.

Neydo Sangtrul Rinpoche's Annual Ritual Program in Orissa, India:
1. Vajrakilaya Puja : The most powerful Puja to remove obstacles and to subjugate the delusion and negativities.
2. Gutor Puja: A year ending Puja to be freed from the suffering of misfortune and sickness and for the auspiciousness of the new year or new beginning.
3. Dechen Shingdrub: An Aspiration Prayers of Sukhavati to be born in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha. We offer 3 times meal and transportation to all the devotees who joins the Puja. And it goes on for 3 days.
4. Rinpoche performs "Shitro Puja", which means the Puja of 100 peaceful and wrathful deities Puja. It is one of the most important Puja for the deceased one during the "Intermedite State" or after death and before one's subsequent rebirth.

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