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H.E. Sangtrul Rinpoche is doing the programme of 'Accomplishment Practice of Sukhavati'

Having once attained human rebirth with the freedoms and endowments, we have in our hands the freedom to either “migrate upwards” by taking birth in pure realms or “migrate downwards” by being born in lower realms such as the hells.  The present time is the dividing line for going up or falling down.  We should therefore definitely practice dharma.  To do this, beings of supreme intellect require at least ten years to attain the pure realms of the irreversible state through the path of view, meditation and conduct, which is not an easy task for all.  The most meritorious and simplest way for practitioners of different levels of intellect – inferior, mediocre and superior – and whether one is a man, woman, lama, monk or nun, to accomplish a pure realm in their next lives, is to recite the De Mon aspiration prayer and carry out the Shingdrub practice.  One who wants to be born in pure realms other than Sukhavati (Dewachen), either should be a monk with pure morality or should perfect the view, meditation and conduct, a difficult for ordinary beings to accomplish.
The simplest means is to visualize the universe in which we live as the pure realm of Sukhavati and the inhabitants living in the world as Guru Amitabha with Avalokitesvara to his right and Vajrapani to his left.  Hundreds of thousands and millions of fully ordained monks encircle Amitabha.  With golden complexions they are all adorned with the major and minor marks and they wear the yellow three dharma robes.  Their bodies are majestic, their speech melodious like Lord Brahma’s and their resplendent minds of compassion and wisdom gaze affectionately at us all.
Imagine that one directly sees, hears and has contact with them.  With this such an approach, make aspirations while reciting the Shingdrub practice manual and the De Mon Aspiration Prayer composed by Chagme Raga Asye.  This ensures that one will not be born in the three lower realms in the next life but will be born in the Sukhavati Pure Realm as a handsome son of god and will attain Buddhahood after becoming a Bodhisattva.
Nagarjuna, the Glorious Protector and the Exalted One who was the principal master among the eighty siddhas of India said that he would go to the Sukhavati Pure Realm when he passed away.  Karma Chagme, the renowned Tibetan scholar and master was also born in Sukhavati along with his followers, his personal treasurer and his cattle.
Karma Chagme De Mon Aspiration Prayer is a transmitted teaching, extremely sacred and full of blessings.  We can conclude from history that this prayer became more valuable and popular for benefiting beings than the Zangchod Monlam – the Aspiration Prayer of Good Conduct –or the Jampa’i Monlam –theAspiration Prayer of Maitreya – spoken in the sutras.  Since it is a well-known means to be born in Sukhavati, most Tibetans recite the De Mon prayer.
The reason why reciting this prayer is so meritorious is that Buddha Amitabha’s aspiration, blessings, power and strength exceed that of other Buddhas.  Due to Amitabha’s compassionate blessings, even small children can recite this prayer by heart without the need to learn it.  In Tibet, Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok, Khenchen Achoe and other noble masters have extensively practiced Shingdrub and recited the De Mon prayer.  As a result, it has led to the auspiciousness of peace and prosperity by pacifying diseases, famine and conflict.
Anyone who diligently practices Shingdrub either for one day, three or seven days will swiftly accrue enormous virtue, enabling quick rebirth in Sukhavati.  Moreover, obscurations will be swiftly cleansed, and it is also the best ritual for accomplishing the purposes of this life.  It is a long life practice since Amitabha and Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life, are the same in essence; and it equally serves as the best means for purifying non-virtues and the mishandling of the offerings of the faithful as well as for the multiplication of merits and community betterment.  It brings success in business and farming, and leads to radiance of body, melodiousness of speech, and the meditative stabilization of emptiness and bliss of the mind.
In short, it pacifies all outer and inner obstacles and brings perfect auspiciousness of prosperity and happiness.  Temporarily, it brings not only long life, good health, a good physique, fortune, wealth and wisdom but also effortlessly fulfills all aspirations.  Even though we lack the time to participate in Shingdrub practice, we can share the same merits by sponsoring such practice, making offerings or providing necessities for the sangha community who practices it.  Both practitioners and patrons will attain the irreversible state by merely hearing Amitabha Buddha’s name.  Hence, have faith in this and rejoice in the good fortune of meeting with such a sacred and essential teaching.

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