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The Inaguration Ceremony ( 2009-06-07 )



The Inaguration Ceremony Activities Schedule of the seat of Neydo Tashi Choling Monastery. With the kindness and activities of the 4th Buddha Shakyamuni and Lobpon Guru Padmasambhava , Buddha dharma is fulfilled. Not only does it bring temporary and ultimate happiness and fulfillment to our body and mind, it also bring peace and happiness to the whole world . due to of the kindness of Abbot Bodhisattva, Lobpon Padmasambhava Dharma King Trisong Deutsen , many translators, siddhas and panditas, these teaching remain preserved Likewise, His Holiness Karma Chagme the 7th and his disciples to be assembled at Pharping (yanglesho of Nepal), will study, reflect and meditate for the benefits of the future generations. At the time of 2553 years after Buddha’s departure, i.e. the 7th of june2009 of western calendar , the saga Dawa holy month and 15th date of Tibetan king year 2136, the inauguration ceremony will last for 2days. Please do come and join us.

  For and on behalf of Neydo Trashi Choling
  Auspicious date of December  2008.

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