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Thus, prophesy is made repeatedly in many sutras and tantras of the coming of thirteen incarnations of one who is the embodiment of the three kayas-the Dharmakaya, the Sambhogakaya and the Nirmanakaya-and who has a syllable "Ah" naturally arisen on his head.  This great accomplished scholar and Bodhisattva, the shining glory of the teachings and beings who dwells on the bumis, was born in a place called Char-Ngom of the Lower Salmo Gang region of Kham in 1608 with many wonderous signs as the son of mother Cho Kyong Kyid and father Yogin Anu Pema Wangdak of the family line of the emanation of Noble Manjushri, the Dharma King Trisong Detsen.  From the time he was very small, he possessed the inconceivable and inexpressible qualities and attributes of a great being such as loving kindness, compassion and an altruistic mind.  
He studied the complete instructions relating to the inner and outer teachings of the secret Rigdzin lineage held by his father. When he received teachings on the sutras, tantras, shastras and sciences, he had no difficulty, he only needed to glance at the texts to understand their meaning completely. Like a gem of heaven among the stars in the sky, he was the crowning jewel of all scholars and siddhas.  Relying on the incomparable liberator Garwang Choekyi Wangchuk as his principal teacher, he received from his full monastic ordination, and then heard instruction on Mahamudra and the Six Yogas in the same way that one full vase is poured into another.  Likewise, received empowerments, instructions and reading transmissions of the new and ancient traditions from many spiritual guides.  

His first place of residence was Palri Tse, where he remained for a long time in strict retreat, meditating on The Great Compassionate One [Avolakiteshvara].  There, he had visions of many yidam deities.  In particular, he had a prophetic vision of the supreme Arya, the lord of the world appearing in a physical human form, the great regent of Guru Padma, Namchoe Mingyur Dorjee.  As soon as he was born, he appeared [before Chagme Rinpoche in retreat].  Chagme Rinpoche, with deep affection, offered him ablution and attended him as a teacher.  He listened to the complete, profound oral insructions of Dzokchen, and thus he became the main Dharma heir of Namchoe, the most profound and essential of all treasure teachings.
Thereafter, he actualized the ultimate realization of the practice of unifying mahamudra and maha-ati, becoming a holder of the Teachings of the Ancient Translation Tradition.  As an indication of his perfection of the qualities of the paths and bumis, he mastered all qualities of enlightened body, speech and mind-such as clairvoyance and miraculous powers.  Countless numbers of his students achieved realization-those fortunate ones who received empowerments and special instructions directly from him, as well as those whose devotion stemmed from reading his written compositions.

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