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Brief Biography of Kyabje Neydo Sangtrul Rinpoche

He studied reading and writing, and studied Ngondro teachings from his father, Chagme Rinpoche.  As per the aspirations of the followers of neydo both inside and outside Tibet,  he was formally enthroned with great grandeur at the mother monastery of neydo like his predecessors.  At that time, he bestowed empowerment to all the devotees gathered for the auspicious occasion and blessed them.  Gradually, he received many common and uncommon empowerments, oral transmissions and pith instructions from his father, the seventh Karma Chagme Rinpoche.  Especially, he received all the distinct teachings of neydo tradition comprising Mahamudra and Dzogchen as well as the cycle of naked instructions from his father.  Henceforth, he relied upon his father as his root teacher and served him with the three pleasing factors according to his potential discarding the notion of a conventional father.  He also received many empowerments and oral transmissions from many supreme masters of various traditions.  His noble father prophesied that there would be no obstacles to his activities to benefit the teachings and sentient beings if he takes an authentic dakini as his consort.  Based on this, when he reached the age of 29, he took Dolkar Choedon as his spiritual consort.  At the present, he is serving his father and showing the supreme path to many devoted disciples in both the east and west by bestowing empowerments and oral transmissions thereby greatly benefiting both the teachings and beings.

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