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A Short Biography of the Great Abbot Karma Khenchen Rinpoche

Through His practiced and due to His previous life's habbits He realized the true nature of Dharmata, just as it is, He became a great Siddha.
He went to the Monastery of Sera and Drepung, amongst other, and there He engaged in philosophical debates. As a result of showing in this debates, everyone venerated Him and prostrated to Him. He was given the title "Khen Shalampa", and His reputation as a scholar and siddha spread far and wide. His main disciples were: Zurmang Trungpa Karma Choekyi Nyinje, the second incarnation of Terchen Rolpa Dorje, and Tsenyi Soten. He tought  this and other disciples, each according to their own capacity. He also give them many empowerment and meditation instructions. There are total of 20 collected volumes of His writings alone. Through His kindness and profound teachings He benefited the teachings of Buddha and many sentient beings. He dissolved into the dharmadattu at the age of 80.
Second Khenchen Rinpoche was born into a family of Tzangsar Tsang. At the Karma Gon the 15th Karmapa enthroned Him and appointed Him as His regent. His action were to the great and profound benefit of the Buddha's teachings and of all beings.
Third Khenchen Rinpoche was born into a family called Wako Tsang. Due to the political crisis in Tibet He dissolved into the great expanse at the age of 21.
Fourth The Present Khenchen Rinpoche was born in the year of 1976 to Khandro Pema Lhamo and 7th Ngom Neydo Karma Chagme. At the age of five He was recognize as 4th Khenchen Rinpoche by The 16th Karmapa and enthroned on the golden throne at the Rumtek Monastery. He was bestowed by the name of Karma Shenphen Choekyi Dawa. He received many teachings on Sutra and Tantra and empowerments from 16th Karmapa and many great masters from new and old traditons. His main Guru is His father the 7th Karma Chagme. Now a days He is performing great actions in both the East and West by disseminating the Dharma of Sutra and Tantra.

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