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Moreover, countless incomparable great, holy incarnate beings-holders of the lineages of both scholarship and practice-came from him.
He held both the root Dharma lineage of Neydo practiced principally in the Kagyu Tradition, and the Dharma lineage of Palyul and Dzokchen etc. practiced principally in the Nyingma tradition.  These became a single lineage that completely pervaded the countries of Kham and Amdo.  This precious golden rosary has not diminished to this day; it has spread and continues to spread as the heart of the Buddha's teaching to all corners of the earth.   Although to our ordinary perception their bodies appear to dissolve into the dharmadatu, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas directly and indirectly teach and act for the benefit of beings until samsara is emptied.  

Shantideva said:
As long as space exists,
And as long as sentient beings exist,
May I remain
And dispel the suffering of beings.

Accordingly, in the perception of the great accomplished master himself, although he fulfilled the intentions of Samantabhadra, he continues to teach and accomplish the benefit of beings through his legacy of written compositions-in particular through the Dharma masterpiece that came to him in a visionary revelation.  When Chagme Rinpoche was meditating in strict retreat for a period of twelve years, Orgyen Rinpoche came to him in a vision riding on a rakshasa [demon].  Right after seeing his face, Chagme Rinpoche saw the four vajra verses appear.  Based on these verses, he composed the text that benefits beings infinitely, Personal Instructions of Great Compassion [Tukje Chenbo Martri] in eighteen chapters together with a commentary on the work.  After the text was finished, Avalokiteshvara appeared to him and prophesized, "This Dharma will bring 18 billion sentient beings to the Pure Land of Dewachen."  Furthermore, from the Richoe "The Mountain Dharma" Tsam instructions down to compositions on divination and astrology, there are a total of 77 collected volumes of his writings alone.  Whatever compositions he wrote were imparted by the supreme deities.  Therefore, they are endowed with blessing, possess vast benefit for all sentient beings, and are more amazing and wondrous than most treasure teachings.  

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