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After thus immeasurably benefiting the teaching and sentient beings, thinking only of his disciples, he dissolved into the dharmadatu at age 65. After he was cremated, many relics and bones imprinted with the forms of deities were found among the ashes.  On his skull was found a manifest, self-arisen letter.  These amazing, inconceivable signs, beyond the sphere of ordinary experience, were witnessed by everyone.
Thirteen incarnations are prophesized.  From the second onwards, they have manifested as an unbroken succession of the following incarnations:
  • Trinley Wangjung
  • Trinley Tendzin
  • Tendzin Trinley
  • Sang-ngak Tendzin
  • Tsultrim Namgyal

All of these great incarnations preformed a vast wave of benefit for the teaching and sentient beings, and in the end dissolved into the dharmadatu.

In particular, when the Seven Cycles of Profound Treasure Teachings were first uncovered by the great treasure-finder Chokgyur Lingpa at Ogmin the residence of the Karmapa, the treasure-finder himself and the Glorious Gyalwang Karmapa Kachab Dorje-sharing the same vision, prophesy and intention-recognized and enthroned the fifth incarnation Sang-ngak Tendzin as the Great Vajra Master of Secret Mantra. The treasure-finder himself offered him some of the treasure: He extracted a hat called Pema Tong-drol.  Inside of this, he found inner accessories that he offered to Sang-ngak Tendzin to wear.  To explain, the great terton (Treasure Revealer) and the Glorious Gyalwang Kachab Dorje both promised in their symbolic praises of the hat that whoever-whether they be great or evil-comes into contact with the precious hat Pema Tong-drol, this precious, inconceivably wondrous Dharma, will purify his or her karma and negative emotions, and will be reborn in the western pure land of Dewachen.
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