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The present and future refuge and source of hope for us sentient beings who live in the age of the five degenerations is the protector and spiritual friend, the incomparable, supreme guide, the manifestation of Chenresig, the seventh incarnation of the scholar-siddha Karma Chagme-named the supreme Karma Tendzin Triley Kunchab Pal Zangbo.  He was born in the year 1926 into a distinguished family of Lhatok, Kham, in the lineage of the secretary to the King of Lhatok.  His father was named Yeshe Rabje, and his mother was named Troru Sonam Dronma.  As soon as he was born, there were inconceivable, excellent, wondrous omens that were witnessed by all present:  For example, the guardian Shang Jongma left hand-prints on his mother's bed, as an indication that he would guard the child day and night.  

          The glorious Lord of the Victors, the Sixteenth Karmapa, supreme Rikpay Dorje, while he was staying at Karma Gon, the first residence of the glorious Dusum Kyenpa, preformed a divination and recognized the amazing child who was marked by the guardian Shang Jongma as the unmistaken incarnation of the scholar-siddha Karma Chagme.  In accord with his divination and the signs accompanying the birth, he bestowed on the child the name Karma Tendzin Trinley Kunchab Pal Zangbo.  He was later enthroned at Tashi Choeling, the main monastery of the incarnations of Chagme Rinpoche. 5th Neydo Sangtrul Rinpoche was appointed as his teacher, and he studied the sutras and tantras under him.  Furthermore, he received empowerments and reading transmissions from holy scholar-adepts of all traditions.  Especially, he received-like pouring the contents of one vase into another-the transmission on the cycle of teachings called The Union of Mahamudra and Maha-ati, the main instructions held by the Chagme incarnations of this lineage.   He practiced these teachings as a hidden yogi.  He had many transcendent experiences like the continuous flow of a river, such as seeing the faces of yidam deities, and receiving signs and omens.

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