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Here are a few stories that Rinpoche has occasionally, playfully offered:  One morning in 1957 he awoke at dawn to see five boys approaching with yellow bundles loaded on their backs.  One of them pulled something out of the bundle and respectfully offered it to Rinpoche.  It was a large leaf bearing the following clear inscription:  
We must invite five Lamas from lower Amdo, and one of them is you Karma Chagme Rinpoche.  Now is the time for you to go to India.  Difficulties are coming due to the changing times.  Give up attachment to your homeland and go.

As soon as he finished reading it, the leaf disappeared.  From that point on, he saw many signs, omens and prophesies, but he hesitated to act on them.  A few years after the first incident, Padmasambhava appeared to him in a wrathful form and said, "Your time to leave has passed!  If you can leave within a week, you will be able to escape with great hardship."  The next day, he secretly fled along with some of his attendants-traveling day and night-to Shota Lhosum where he stayed for almost three months.  

While he was there, he was captured by the antagonists who tied him up with a rope.  At that time, a loud sound thundered forth and he ascended into the sky amid an array of strange appearances.  The soldiers shouted, "He is not human, but a demon!" and fired shots into the sky.  At this, Rinpoche merely slipped out of his clothes and the rope, and was not harmed at all.  He then flew like a bird to the top of another mountain, leaving his foot-prints in a rock there.  It has since become a famous pilgrimage site where faithful men and women prostrate, make offerings and circumnambulate.  On the way to India, he displayed many miracles, was undefeated by gods, demons or humans, and saw holy places such as Dorje Sempa's Palace.

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