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Under the auspices and injunction of the Tibetan government-in-exile, Rinpoche settled in the refugee camp in Orissa.  He lived there for many years, and rebuilt his own monastery.  At all times and in all ways, Rinpoche continues both manifestly and subtly to cause the expansion and transmission of the Buddha?s general and particular teachings.  Likewise, he gives medicine, blessing substances, advice, ritual aid, empowerments and instructions to everyone without discrimination-whether they are ordinary people tormented by illness, the most elite or the lowliest person.  In brief, he is no ordinary being:  He displays the enlightened activity and deeds of a Bodhisattva on the great bumis, as we can witness directly.  

In 1984, Rinpoche first returned to his home monastery of Neydo Tashi Choling.  He traveled there again in 1987 to help renovate the monastery, and gave through his great kindness transmissions, empowerments and teachings to both lay people and the ordained sangha.  He returned once again in 1992, and bestowed on disciples according to their needs and dispositions profound instructions relating to the view, meditation and action-from the teachings on Bodhicitta up to the Unification of Mahamudra and Maha-ati.  Although the deeds of his life transcend thought and expression, in the perception of ordinary people like ourselves, he lives as a hidden yogin in the Dharma country of Nepal near Boudhanath Stupa. 

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